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Active Shooter Scenario Event Wrap Up

"We want people to be aware, to understand how these acts are often random. We want people to be prepared and think about a plan, not just in the work place but in daily life. These incidents happen in a very short time frame, you must be prepared to immediately react. Planning can save your life!"
Claudine Parsons, Route 91 Vegas Shooting Survivor

ILEA Edmonton recently hosted a What’s Your Plan? event, focusing on what to do in an active assailant situation with guest speakers Cst. Joel Mackown, Damien DeClercq, and Claudine Parsons. Thank you to our event partners of La CiteCafé BicycletteSugar Plum EventsSteven Sware, and Chapter Partner Moments in Digital for helping us provide this important and timely event.

We've provided a document with some key takeaways from the event, which is available for download here

Whats Your Plan 20191127_ILEA_ActiveShooter_006.jpg

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